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Vowel Tree

Wasp Collection 


This is a FREE set of measurement activity/command cards that I created for use with our measurement activity kit. Check out the post here! You can easily create your own kit from things you have on hand and with a quick visit to the dollar store!!

Download here!

Writing Cards

Download Here!

Apple tasting Activity

Download here! 

Shawl Pattern

Apron & Hat Pattern

The pattern includes the Little Chef Hat & Apron that Ava is wearing.
You can customize this however you like!
If you cut two apron pieces you can stitch them together and make a reversible apron!!
do not use the shrink to fit setting on your printer (click NONE), or it will not print to scale.

Lilac Word Lists

Download here!

Hanging Bead Stair Plan

Addition Board

Emily Carr 3 Part Cards & Colouring Sheets



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